The Rampant Rabbit

The Rampant rabbit or rabbit vibrator so known because of the ears is a one of a kind sex toy, while other vibrators focus purely on indirect stimulation the Rampant Rabbit offers both internal and external stimulation. The rabbit ears are in fact a clitoral stimulator reaching massaging and vibrating the clitoris while the form is designed to offer deep, intense vaginal stimulation for the kind of orgasm you have only ever ready about. And if you're not convinced by any of the rabbits then we have a line of premium vibrators that are all worth exploring too!

Dual Stimulation

The dual nature action of the rampant rabbit design surpasses any other sex tox by virtue of its dual-action configuration. First caame the dildo, then the vibrator and now the rabbit. If you're in the market for a new new best friend then look no further than the rampant rabbit.

The Rabbit Line Up

Know your rabbits. Each rabbit is just that little bit different, from the Shaking rabbit to the expanding rabbit there is quite literally a version for everyone. Check out our first timer buyer guide if you need any background information on the models available. Come and meet the line up, get reviews from real users, and buy your Rampant Rabbit online today from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Mini Rampant Rabbit

Mini Rabbit

The all new Mini Rampant Rabbit is the ultimate starter vibrator, small and discreet at a price that’s hard to beat. Discover our new first time friendly, portable sized and whisper quiet powerhouse Rabbit Vibrator today!

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Expanding Rampant Rabbit

Expanding Rampant Rabbit

A significant number of vibrators focus on length but few offer the satisfaction of the expanding Rampant Rabbit. Discover the back arching, throbbing, expanding pleasure of the Expanding Rampant Rabbit today

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