A Short History of Rabbit Opposition

Rampant Rabbit Origins

The history of the vibrator contrary to this particular Info-graphic is actually somewhat more complex and controversially debated than suggested but I felt this was worth sharing as it gives an interesting insight into the mind of the those who oppose them and those who once promoted them.

The Rampant Rabbit as you probably know has its origin in Japanese law, what you probably don’t know is that vibrators are illegal in Alabama without a Doctors note.

Rampant Rabbits And Law

Rampant Rabbits and vibrators more generally have an uncomfortable place within the social consciousness, although they have recently been brought out of the closet on TV shows such as Sex and the City vibrators still cause a considerable degree of opposition particularly from religious groups.

While some see the Rampant Rabbit as a social good, offering a safe and stable way to introduce young women to their bodies, a source of emotional stability (or marriage substitute) others see this as a base and vulgar tool used for the gratification of perverts Rabbits are guaranteed to cause a reaction.

3 Rampant Facts

Three things you probably don’t know about vibrators

  • The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that 53% of US women and 46%of US men have used vibrators
  • When Brad Pitt became single Rampant Rabbit sales went down (the correlation does not imply causation)
  • Almost 84% of women use vibrators for clitoral stimulation more often than for indirect vaginal stimulation!

History of the Vibrator Infographic

History Of Rabbit Vibrator

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