Buying Your First Rabbit

Choosing your first Vibrator

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting your first ever vibrator can be quite a daunting task, especially given the range of branded, non-branded toys available. There are countless varieties of vibrator but you’ve already made the right choice and decided to learn about the Rampant Rabbit.

Which Rabbit is best?

This is a complicated question and not one that has an actual answer, the Rampant rabbit best suited to you will always be a toss up between your sexual preferences, experience and budget. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is this a solo or a shared toy?

If you’re looking for a toy to spice up your sex life then consider the Rabbit cock ring, designed to make him last longer while offering extra stimulation. If you’re trusting him with your vibrator might you be better with a smaller less powerful unit as he’ll be doing much of the work anyway, while a larger unit might become uncomfortable in inexperienced hands.

Do you have the experience?

While it’s often tempting to go straight in at the top of the line picking out the powerful one or the throbbing one in reality if this is your first vibrator odds are you don’t need this, a rabbit with 3 ear settings is probably enough. If you’re excited about the idea of clittoral stimulation rather than penetration consider going for the ears alone. If you’ve had a vibrator before then you may want an upgrade with ears, if you’ve tried a generic version however you will find that our original rabbit offers far more than any of our competitors.

What can you afford?

Although it’s tempting to opt for a cheap £10 unit you’ll be disappointed at best that said the Rampant Rabbit hutch caters to a range of budgets and our most expensive model may not be the best introductory rabbit.

Beware of Larger Rabbits

In general if you’re new to the Rabbit ears then start small, perhaps with a Little Shaking Rabbit, If you’re looking for a discreet travel companion for those lonely nights then the Slim one is your best bet. Thrusting, Expanding and Three way rabbits are upgrade models intended for more experienced owners. Avoid going straight for the biggest bunny you can find or you may get more than you bargained for.

Is the Rampant Rabbit Better?

In a word YES, although the rampant rabbit can’t beat some of the cheaper generic toys coming out of places like China it has a lot going for it that a generic Rabbit vibrator simply can’t offer.

From the environmentally friendly rechargeable rabbit to the patented technology of the expanding Rampant Rabbit the Rampant Rabbit line offers a level of specialism depending on preference. This can be more powerful, better texture and form or for the more adventurous even additional stimulation.

What Makes a Rampant Rabbit Superior

The simplest answer is build quality, while some Rabbit vibrators offer Silicone & PVC many cheaper options are rubbery porous items which can absorb bacteria and cannot be sterilised by boiling in water. Rampant Rabbits are designed for good clean fun, don’t acquire odours and are designed to last. While the high price point can be off putting we’re satisfied that the products on offer are worth it.

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