A New Rabbit Vibrator Line Up

The time has come again when its necessary to move on from the current generation of Vibrators, retire a few and make way for the next generation. While we can't tell you much about the new litter YET what we can tell you is that the time is here and there's not too long to wait. A few of our old friends are going the way of the Rabbit Wave and retiring to spend the rest of their time with the last generation of hutchmates.

A Rabbit Sale

You know what that means, before we can make an announcement about the coming litter they've got to grow up a little and we've got to make room for them. So if you've ever fancied getting your hands on the Throbbing one or the Thrusting one or just fancy expanding your playmate collection the time is now.

Mini Rampant Rabbit

Mini Rabbit

The all new Mini Rampant Rabbit is the ultimate starter vibrator, small and discreet at a price that’s hard to beat. Discover our new first time friendly, portable sized and whisper quiet powerhouse Rabbit Vibrator today!

Powerful Rampant Rabbit

Powerful Rabbit

Discover the powerhouse of the Rampant Rabbit Hutch, our toe curling throbbing giant. This is a bunny unlike any other and comes in at only £60. Buy the powerful one online from the privacy of your home today.

Silicone Rampant Rabbit

Silicone rampant rabbit vibrator

The Silicone Rampant Rabbit is our best selling vibrator for good reason, angled to please, warming and firm but pliable the Silicone Rabbit comes with easy to reach control and is available in White, Black and Pink

Thrusting Rampant Rabbit

Thrusting Rampant Rabbit

The thrusting Rampant Rabbit is truly a deluxe model boasting 3 intense thrusting modes this Rabbit is the closest to the “real” thing as you’ll find without your partner and the Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring

Bendy Rampant Rabbit

Bendy Rampant Rabbit

Imagine all the power and functionality of the new generation of Rampant Rabbits but perfectly shaped and formed to your personal dimensions. You don’t have to any longer discover the bendy one – our most flexible rabbit ever

Throbbing Rampant Rabbit

Throbbing Rampant Rabbit

The Throbbing Rampant Rabbits patented pulse technology take your oRRgasms to another level, with a girth of almost two inches and nearly six inches of insertable shaft the Throbbing One is a big bunny that needs Lubricant