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The Rampant Rabbit and Film

Vibrators have attained a place in the public eye that was previously occupied by a more masculine sexual centre, female sexuality is now considered safe fair for comedy, discover some fantastic examples of the Rabbit in comedy

Slim Silicone Rabbit

Like the Wave Slim before it this Slim Silicone Rampant Rabbit was built by request. Slim but mighty, the Slim Silicone One is a great beginner model coming with 4 toe curling settings and compact enough to travel

Original Rampant Rabbit

The Original Rampant Rabbit is legendary for very good reason, but how do the next generation compare to this behemoth? Generally pretty well if sales figures are anything to go by! Find out about the new Rampant Rabbit Vibrators today

Just The Rabbit Ears

Sometimes you want a break from the dual stimulation method, sure there are vibrators but it’s not always clean or comfortable being penetrated. Enjoy the discreet, portable pleasure of the Rampant Rabbit just ears for only £30