Rampant Rabbit Vibrators Guide

Rabbit Vibrator Guide

Although the sexual revolution of the 1970s allowed women to reclaim the right to pleasure sex has never come out of the closet for women the way it has for men and if we’re not careful with legislation it never will. Still the world has moved on, stores like Ann Summers now proudly offer a huge range of empowering and attractive outfits, sex toys and vibrators like the Rampant Rabbits.

Guide to Rabbit Vibrators
While I generally shy away from non Rampant rabbits there are a rare few noteworthy exceptions – such as the vibratex Rabbit Pearl popularised by Sex and the City, so when I stumbled across this helpful video explaining and introducing these delightful little rabbits I felt compelled to share.

It goes without saying that when you’re buying a high quality vibrator even relatively compact units like the Little Shaking One can be pretty intense, consequently if you go for larger and more powerful units such as the Rechargeable or even the Powerful one it’s a good idea to start at the bottom and work your way up. Even if you’re not a beginner moving to a new model can come with some surprises and these units are far more functional and far more powerful than the earliest versions available. So be careful!


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