How To Use A Rampant Rabbit

Rampant Rabbit Guide

One of the most common questions from first timers is “how do I use a Rampant Rabbit Vibrator?” and despite the willingness of store after store to sell these devies there really seems to be no resource explaining how to acturally use one. Perhaps they don’t think it needs explaining, perhaps they don’t care either way someone needs to step up & because I remember sitting staring at this huge powerful vibrator feeling a little ashamed and too embarrasing to ask for help, well here goes.

How to use a Rampant Rabbit

This is actually harder to answer than you might think just because their are so many varients and each generation differs more than slightly from the last so we can discuss general principles then discuss more specific models. If you are a first timer you should probably have gone for the little shaking one, or perhaps the Rotating Rabbit but you might not have so size can be a consideration.

Buy Batteries

Unless you’ve opted for the eye-wateringly large Rechargeable Rabbit then you are going to need batteries, probably a lot as they can be pretty addictive and are down to the last pretty battery hungry. You might want to invest in a battery charger. Just a thought!

Buy Lubricant

If you’re using a Rampant Rabbit literally any lube will do as every model in 100% body safe and will not absorb the lubricant but you need to be careful with generic Rabbit Vibrators.

If you’ve opted for a smaller model you might think this is unnecessary, but for the first time it can be harder getting aroused, you wont know exactly what you’re doing but you will enjoy it. All of which can lead to drying leaving you uncomfortable and unable or unwilling to use it again for days. If you’ve opted for a larger model then you’ll know why immediately, although more advanced models like the Expanding one start off pretty small they can be uncomfortably large to start with.

Start Slowly

We all have our pre-Rabbit rituals so find yours, put on some music, light some candles, or just grab an extra pillow and get ready to have your world rocked.

Lubricate Your Rabbit

Lube up the head of your rabbit, don’t turn it on and get used to slowly inserting, twisting, moving and generally playing with your Rabbit as if it were a dildo. Do this until you’re familiar with the length, and size and you’re naturally wet enough for it to be quite pleasant, then put on a little more lube and get ready to turn it on.

Turn on the Vibrator

Unless you’re using the Thrusting Rabbit then you’re going to have a pretty standard vibrator with a strange pair of dangling ears down. Leave it on the lowest setting and get comfortable, now it’s time to introduce the ears.

Activate the Rabbit Ears

My sister (we discussed it years later) turned of the vibrator and learned to control the ears separately, you can do this but I see it as an extra unnecessary stage.

Angle the clitoral stimulator so that it’s indirectly stimulating your clitoris rather than actually pressed against it – Trust me it’s painful. You can get more targeted as you become more comfortable with its configurations but for now take it slow.

Find the Rabbit Settings for You

When you get comfortable with the ears crank up the vibrator till its offering the stimulation you want and you start to really enjoy it then up the functionality on the ears – Remember not all rabbits are created equal so a jump for one might be a setting away on another.

Ride yourself senseless, grab some more Lube and repeat!

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