Original Rampant Rabbit

original rabbit vibrator

As most of you probably know (if only from our homepage) there are a wide and varied range of Rampant Rabbit Vibrators and finding the best vibrator can then be something of a challenge. Some of you instinctively know what you want while others don’t have the experience to pick the Rechargable one from the Little Shaking one. If you fall into this category then visit our guide on buying your first Rampant Rabbit, otherwise it’s time to learn about the original and decide where to go from there!

The Silicone One

The Rabbit vibrator was once described as the “Rolls Royce” of the self-gratification world according to Oprah–”O” Magazine (2008), and although the Original Rampant Rabbit has long since fled the shelves the new generation mean that this is far from a tragedy.

The Silicone one available in white, black and neon pink is the closest of the line up to the original in terms of size. Although with considerably more power available the lower settings are largely comparable, in terms of functionality the closest in power would be the first timer Little Shaking One which although sacrificing size for easier insertion and compact travel dimensions offers the original setting.

That’s Not a Rampant Rabbit

While some of the cheaper alternative models carry the name Rabbit vibrator, Jessica or Jack Rabbit most with a very small number of exceptions do so only because they share the same cultural legacy in circumventing so called decency laws. As I said there are exceptions such as the notorious “Sex and the City” Rabbit Pearl which can be compared to the original Rampant Rabbit but the rest are low quality dual action vibrators – some of which don’t offer the same cleanliness and body safe construction of the Silicone Rampant Rabbit

Opting for a Silicone Rabbit

Although it’s not the legendary original the Silicone One is 100% waterproof for bath & shower friendly fun, runs incredibly quiet -something you wont find with generic models (Trust Me), and runs for a surprisingly long time off 3xAA batteries. If you’re worried about the environment or simply don’t want the hassle of securing yourself dozens of packs of batteries for those staying at home “Charlotte” weekends then you can always opt for the Rechargeable one, but be warned just as the Silicone one is an upgrade on the original Rampant Rabbit so too is the rechargeable a step up the ladder. Sharing the same dimensions but throwing away those batteries allowed for more power and with a philosophy of “if you can, why not!” more power found its way into your soon to be delighted hands.

Whichever member of the Original Rampant Rabbit family you opt to take home remember a Rabbit isn’t just for Christmas (or Valentines, birthdays, hen nights etc) a rabbit is for life. You may like our friend Charlotte find you don’t want to pry yourself away.

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