Picking the Right Rabbit

Picking a Rampant Rabbit

Choosing a Rampant Rabbit, or even choosing any vibrator really is a lot like picking a restaurant it depends what you like. They might all be fantastic but the best model for you might not be the best model for your friends and vice versa. When you bear in mind that a premium model can cost in excess of £65 you really need to consider how you’re going to use it, what you’re most comfortable with and more importantly what you’re willing to spend because there are no refunds if you get the wrong toy.

Size and Starter Models

The truth is that your average vibrator will be fine if you’ve no experience with sex toys but if you’re here then odds are you’re looking to upgrade to a Rabbit from an earless starter model. However this is no guarantee you’ll manage with a larger model!

Moving from a vibrator to a Rampant Rabbit (or similar Rabbit Vibrator) is like switching from an automatic to manual stick, you don’t want to grab a more powerful car at the same time. Learning to use the ears is an adjustment in itself and the reality is if you’ve not had a Rabbit before something like the Slim Silicone, the Little Shaking one of the Rotating Rabbit will be more than enough Rabbit for you. Choose a more advanced model too early and you’ll not only be put off the whole Rampant Rabbit line up but worse still you’ll have a £50+ paperweight you can’t take out in public.

Travel Friendly Rampant Rabbits

If you’re looking for a supplementary sex toy you can take out overnight or perhaps to a hotel then there’s no need to break the bank, stick with one of the smaller starter friendly models. If you use a standard vibrating Rabbit then opt for a Rotating one, likewise if your primary is the Rotating one consider something similarly sized that vibrates like the shaking one. This way you wont feel your using an inferior model, because truth be told once you move to the top of the line up getting more impressive models like the Expanding Rampant Rabbit the older ones can seem like a step back.

Upgrading Your Rabbit

If you’ve been a Rabbit user for years then the best bet is to grab yourself something not entirely dissimilar, say you’ve been using the Slim Silicone Rabbit consider upgrading to the Silicone one or maybe the Rechargeable Rabbit (which comes with the added bonus of not needing batteries) the rationale behind this is self explanatory while you may grow to like a wildly different model odds are it will feel alien and awkward at first and you’ll opt for your old reliable Rabbit more often than not instead of that pricey new model.

Obviously if you have experience with multiple types then pick your favourite and you wont go far wrong just remember each upgrade comes with its own ups and downs.

If your model has been discontinued such as with the Rabbit Wave then their are alternative models similar to the wave available but none will ever be exactly like it. While this is a shame you’ll probably find the Silicone One more than meets your needs while remaining close enough to replace your tired little rabbit.

Adventurous Rabbit Vibrators

While units like the expanding one and the Three way Rampant Rabbit sound exciting remember that these are somewhat niche. The Expanding one for example starts at 1.5 inch diameter which increases to 2 inches. This is not a small model even pre expansion, it will take large volumes of lube for the average woman to enjoy it. Similarly while the three way which can be bent round to offer double clitoral stimulation this can become irritating to hold after a while and is hard to enjoy if you’re not in the mood for that extra pair of ears. These models aren’t really intended to be your day to day vibrator, while some women love them they can be a little overwhelming especially to the inexperienced.

Loud or Quiet Rampant Rabbits

The last thing to remember is that even a premium vibrator isn’t that quiet, when you throw in extra motors or more powerful settings this can increase the volume considerably. The Rotating one for example can be used late in the night without much fuss, the Silicone one will need a little mood music but the three way rabbit or the powerful one will need to keep the volume up unless you’re relying on a nice bath to muffle the sound.

Bathing with a Rabbit

The last consideration really should be covered first, where are you going to use it. There is no point getting a large powerful vibrator you’re only going to use in the shower, it’ll sound like your brushing your teeth for 20 minutes straight and it can take a while to get used to it. Similarly larger or more powerful units might be waterproof but if you have a small bath you might need your legs a little wider apart than is comfortable.

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