Rabbit Vibrators Outsell Washing Machines?

Washing Machine Outsold by Sex Toys

Purportedly the sale of Rampant Rabbit Vibrators annually outstrips the sale of washing machines quite considerably. Whether their is any truth to this oft repeated ‘statistic’, whether it means rabbit vibrators rather than rampant rabbit vibrators and more importantly why this is supposed to be relevant is a mystery to me.

At the end of the day washing machines are expensive, and you only actually need one per flat. I personally have more sex toys than I care to admit – throwing Ann Summers parties to work my way through university will do that. When I was in student accommodation I learned to the embarrassment/delight of one of our male flatmates that the rabbit to women ratio would have looked disastrous on a bookies ledger.

The History of the Rabbit

The origin of the rabbit vibrator seems to be somewhat lost to the ages, reportedly its beginnings came about due to Japanese law. This would not surprise me but then very little coming out of Japan over my lifetime has been particularly wholesome from sex toy vibrators for consoles to disturbing images of school girls and sea-life to some of the most frightening horror films available. That said this origin story may be utter digital myth.

History of the Massager

Purportedly the origin of the vibrator can be traced all the way back to the 19th century and the medicalisation and overly sexualised view of the fragility of females who needed to be either wedded or aided. This stimulating little release method has been popularised by the (not entirely) realistic or accurate film Hysteria. Although inaccurate the piece is based on a simple truth that from the time of Hippocrates to the 19th century doctors were, not irregularly, rolling out ‘socially acceptable treatments” and wanted a labour saving device. If you go back and look at the periodicals of the time doctors can be seen lamenting the physically taxing duty of stimulating (typically) unmarried women.

Ok so the sex toys of today have been built with a slightly different purpose in mind and it shows, they’re often designed by women as well. That doesn’t mean that a lot of so called massagers are all that different to the Rabbit Vibrator range we know and love.

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