Rampant Rabbits & The Law

Japanese Rabbit

Historically there have been a number of obscenity laws, some founded on religious principles and other still founded on issues of common decency. Every country has it’s own take and scope of decency law, some outlawing import and export, others production while others still target retail. A situation that makes items like the Rampant Rabbit, vibrators and other sex toys.

One of the most confusing countries in terms of obscenity law is Japan, their reputation for erotica stemming from Shunga Art which was often incredibly explicit. So long as the art was deemed to violate no other laws, or so long as it was created & existed within the realm of corrupt officials there was little done to curtail it.

For a time these laws covered pornography and all was well, unless of course you were caught on the wrong side where interpretation could change based on mood or mind and what was legal one day could quickly become an offense carrying a fine, place in a sex register or even a prison sentence.

Rampant Rabbits and Japanese Law

Modern Japan still has a variety of sex laws that are considerably more restrictive than those found in the west. It is for this reason that “bukakke” or “Splash” pornography where the male talent climax over the face of their partner originated, it is currently illegal to show female genitals in content produced in Japan. Unsurprisingly it’s preferred that sex toys such as vibrators take the form of anime characters or animal shapes thus disguising the nature of their intended use.

It is due to this seemingly inoffensive nature that these toys find their way into popular culture, by virtue of seemingly being inoffensive they can be displayed virtually everywhere. The Rampant Rabbit in its nonthreatening guise doesn’t attract the same stigma as more conventional sex toys and consequently has become one of the best selling sexual stimulation toys in the entire Japanese market.

Obscenity and Popularisation

The expression there is no such thing as bad publicity has some weight in this context, the consequence of Japans obscenity laws meant a taming down of objects that would normally be bought online from the privacy and anonymity of your home and placed it firmly in the spotlight. The Rampant Rabbit was well placed to benefit from this cultural oddity, its inoffensive name earned it a spot in plain view and its patented dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation technique earned it a place in the hearts of millions. While the Rabbit may have ultimately achieved this dominance, and public awareness in Japan as it seems to be doing elsewhere the decency laws of that country in this instance achieved the very opposite effect.

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