Banning Lads Mags

UK Feminista under the charge of Kat Banyard are driving a campaign to ban ‘lads mags’ provocative covers. An understandable point but with unseen dangers for women everywhere if this sets a precedent.

Sex and the City Rabbit

The Sex and the City vibrator is not actually a Rampant Rabbit, but you could easily be forgiven for the mistake given the similarities. Meet the Sex In The City Vibratex Rabbit Vibrator here at Rampant Rabbit Vibrators

Rampant Rabbits & The Law

The shape of the Rampant Rabbit vibrator has a wierd and wonderful origin. Discover why Japanese law left these sex toys look like animals with Rampant Rabbit Vibrators.

Handy Directories

I know you can usually find what you need through search but sometimes it’s nice to kick it old school and pick up great content that search engines don’t necessarily rank for. Nowhere is this more true than in the adult industries where sex toys, fetish items and even vintage porn is filtered and removed […]