Sex and the City Rabbit

Sex and the City Rabbit

The Sex and the City “Rabbit Pearl vibrator” is often mistaken for a Rampant Rabbit. The truth however is that the episode of Sex and the city which Charlotte was introduced to the rabbit was not in fact Rampant, it was a Rabbit Pearl produced by competitor vibrator brand Vibratex.

Given the similarity it’s no wonder that people confuse it for a Rampant Rabbit, or that poor Charlotte became so hopelessly addicted to it…

The Sex and the City Rabbit

The classic Vibratex vibrator discussed and shown on sex and the city like the Rampant rabbit shares a history with all other animal shaped sex toys stemming from Japan. The real confusion however comes in the nature of the vibrator, In the Rabbit Pearl model countless beads rotate within the shaft offering an deep sensual massage while the head rotates and flexes to stimulate all the way inside while the rabbit ears vibrate gently against the clitoris.

Vibratex & Rampant

The Rampant Rabbit hutch has several vibrators much like the Vibratex pearl with rotating beams inside the shaft offering that exciting internal massage while the ears work away above. Because of the high quality motor the Rabbits are both discreet but Vibratex Rabbit Pearl is far from fit for handbag travel.

Take Control of Your Rabbit

As the girls explained with the Vibratex the Rampant rabbit is more than just an amazing vibrator it is also easy to control thanks to the easy reach buttons at the base of the shaft. These allow for separate control of the head, shaft and ears depending on the model your using. By allowing you to regulate the rotation and the vibration the Rabbit really does leave you in complete control so you can ramp up and down to delay or accelerate your ride to climax.

Sex and the Rabbit

Although the Rampant Rabbit isn’t the Sex and the City Rabbit Pearl the entire line is beautifully formed and built to last for you. It will outlast the huge number of cheap imitation vibrators calling themselves rabbits and maybe even a partner or two. So if you’re not sure what you want but you know you want a rabbit for the addictive pleasure Charlotte enjoyed then head over to our first time buyers guide and discover the Rabbit of your dreams

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