The Danger of Pre-loved Rabbits

used rampant rabbit vibrators

Most of you are hopefully unaware, of the existence of preloved adult the site is currently selling used Rampant Rabbits. Wile i imagine the only people likely to buy such devices are fetishists – especially given that they seem to be selling at around £20 +p&p especially since the current Rabbit sale you can buy a brand new g Pulse rabbit vibrator for as little as £25.

Preloved Rabbit Vibrators

Ignoring the mental image of a used vibrator and the various places it’s been for a moment there is also a safety component to consider. If you’re using a pure Silicone model such as most of the Rampant Rabbit line up then you don’t really need to worry to much about dirt and bacteria as the material is not porous so will not absorb anything it comes into contact with. If on the other hand you’re looking at buying a jelly like material Rabbit Vibrator you’re in for a world of trouble.

The problem with the assorted Jelly vibrators on the market at present is that they are from the most expensive and fully featured down to the least of them extremely porous. Which is to say that it is pitted with tiny holes which can absorb liquids both natural and unnatural as well as providing a safe warm place for all manner of bacteria to build up.

Body Safe Rampant Rabbits

It is for this reason that the Rampant Rabbit line up has never embraced jelly like vibrators, while some people consider elastic, latex and other such products as being more arousing (being less firm than say vinyl) these are far from body safe. Latex vibrators cause problems for a large number of women (why else would we have hypo-allergenic condoms) but worst of all they cannot be adequately cleaned. Even if your Rabbit vibrator could survive being boiled -not all of them can) the nature of the jelly prevents sterilisation.

Lubricant Absorbing Vibrators

Ultimately my point is that even if you can get yourself past the image of another woman using your vibrator, or worse still her partner. Even if you aren’t put off by the smell that builds up on rubber materials, and you really want a rabbit of your own this is far from a good idea.

Before you decide you’re willing to risk being exposed to whatever bacteria was absorbed, or simply bag your vibrator and miss out on the ears (a tragedy) check out some of the older soon to be discontinued models such as the throbbing one or the thrusting one they’re cheaper than you might think. All that said if you’re looking for a play mate, while £50+ may sound like a lot you really get what you pay for think of it as an investment for those cold lonely nights and get yourself a good one. Aim for the little shaking on if you’re a first timer, the expanding one if you really want the size or somewhere in between. It’ll still be the best money you ever spent!

Leave the used ones for the perverts!

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