The Rampant Rabbit and Film

Rampant Jessica Rabbit

The vibrator has a place in the popular consciousness that still largely centres around entertainment for younger minds and the more numerous aspects of human sexuality. Three instances pop to mind immediately.

Vibrator Boyfriend

No it’s not actually about the Rampant Rabbit cock ring, instead this plays on the dual nature of a womans relationship to sex and unfortunately the boyfriends that tend to be part and parcel of early dating.

The Vibrator Boyfriend begins with the protagonist shopping for her very first Vibrator picking up a weird and wonderful array of sex toys (with more than a few Rampant Rabbit references) before being led to take home a vibrator that will fill both her physical and emotional needs. It doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

The Vibrator

The Vibrator begins with a couple deciding to spie things up with the introduction of a sex toy in to their love life, 45 seconds later the very satisfied young lady tells her unimpressed boyfriend that they are now going looking forward to a sexual threesome with the vibrator in a starring role. As this eats away at him we are bombarded with horror movie classic moments and the return of the vibrator and a slightly disturbing – not quite rabbit like replacement.

Not another Rampant Rabbit Vibrator

In the opening scene of Not Another Teen Movie the protagonist begins her birthday with a unit called My lil Vibrator, although not a Rabbit it has a lot in common with the rotating one (which comes with the trademark Rabbit ears) and seems to be well on her way to delight before she is interrupted by her brother and father coming to wish her Happy Birthday!

Rampant Rabbit and Comedy

Although the Rampant Rabbit or the vibrator lends itself more generally to comedy than serious film, and it’s references elsewhere are generally limited to memes the reality is that the Rampant Rabbit has captured the publics imagination. Ever since it first appeared on Sex and the City the Rabbit has gone mainstream, its popularity is destined to grow as the models become better and better, women take charge of their orgasms and society becomes slowly more progressive. It’s not everywhere yet (outside of Japan) but one day it will be!

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