The Uncertain Future of 3D Printing & Sex Toys

Printing Rampant Rabbits

I recently came across a rather interesting article about Tom Nardone who runs a website full of 3D sex toy designs to be used by 3D printers. These range from the typically Japanese hello pussycat to tongue molded dildos. He is convinced that much like the VCR won the war against beta-max the 3D printer will ultimately win with the aid of the sex industry. I remain unconvinced as these are far from ready to print Rampant Rabbit like toys thought Ann Summers have certainly taken steps in the direction of personalisation with the bendy rabbit and the expanding one which allow you

3D Printing Sex Toys

While the 3D printer opens up a new world and simplifies life for those who have a personal printer these are typically geeky men (perhaps he’d be better building a fleshlight site). The big issue I see beyond the limited ability of these machines to create flexible, pliable and solid objects isn’t the gears and vibrating ears that make us blush in public and moan in private it’s discretion.

While a 3D printer solves the “too small”, “too long” issue by allowing you to craft a custom shape, length, girth and even colour this requires that you have access to one. I know there are predictions that we’ll all have access to these things soon, if not personal ones at least shops where we can pop along and rent one for half an hour. That’s fine for some things but the tragedy we face is how shy some women are about their orgasm. Although Sex and the city brought sex into the realm of conversation this is still only with close friends. A friend of mine used to use carrots, she’d go out find one she liked the shape and feel of, clean it and have a throw away toy for the day. The problem was that although she was the only one who knew the intended purpose of this seemingly innocent vegetable she felt guilty. Imagine if she was nipping down to the local print shop to pick up a custom dildo she’d printed earlier.

Privacy of Sex Toys

So what’s the consequence here, you have a limited access to these, best case scenario you’ll have this behaviour retreat online. You’ll find a design, pay for an adult service to mold the one you want and then have it delivered. This is all fine and well but surely this isn’t going to put 3D printing into the mainstream anymore than it will bring masturbation out of the closet (or shower).

Beyond this if you go online you can already order dildos of about every shape and size conceivable. What we really need are customised vibrators, don’t get me wrong the Rampant Rabbit hutch has a pretty diverse range and I’m certain you’ll easily find something that fits, or at least a rabbit that expands to fit. Still imagine if you could take the powerful one and have it curve a little more to the left at the head of the shaft or a pocket one with a phallic head and balls.

All and all it’s an interesting area and a development i think will have benefits but I’m not convinced by Makerlove quite yet.

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